Experience BRAVIA's signature, rich shades of colours pronounced brilliantly in crystal clear details and picture quality to redefine your home entertainment viewing experience. Colour, brilliance and details you've yet to see on TV.

X950G | LED | 4K Ultra HD | HDR | Smart TV (Android TV™)

Model : X950G Series
Price : N/A

Make it real with lifelike pictures and sound

See how beautifully detailed 4K pictures with vibrant shades of color come together with our latest Sound-from-Picture Reality™ for enthralling 4K.3


Pictures and sound in perfect harmony

Be in the moment with true-to-life pictures and acoustics to match. Beautifully detailed images combine with our Sound-from-Picture Reality™ for a captivating audio-visual performance. 


Full Array LED TVs are lit by more LEDs positioned directly behind the screen, compared with conventional Edge LED TVs. This, combined with Sony's precise local dimming technology, means the TV can independently dim or brighten individual zones of LEDs for more accurate contrast and a cinematic experience.


Sound-from-Picture Reality™


Our Acoustic Multi-Audio™ system adds two sound-positioning tweeters in the rear of the TV to the bass reflex speakers for Sound-from-Picture Reality™. With action and sound precisely aligned, your viewing becomes so much more immersive.


Big screen, dynamic experience

This Sony 4K HDR TV is designed for spectacular big screen viewing. Immersive pictures put you right at the heart of the action.






Size Available:                                        
164 cm (65")


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