A-Series (OLED)

Think beyond the frame

A8G | OLED | 4K Ultra HD | HDR | Smart TV (Android TV)

Model : A8G SERIES
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Discover true blacks and immersive sound

See how real 4K entertainment can be when you combine the deep blacks of our latest OLED screen with powerful X1™ Extreme processing and Acoustic Surface Audio™.3


Pictures and sound in perfect harmony

Be in the moment with true-to-life pictures and acoustics to match. Beautifully detailed images combine with our Sound-from-Picture Reality™ for a captivating audio-visual performance. 

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More power, more performance, more beauty


Our 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme™ includes powerful real-time image processing for ultra-detailed pictures. It takes everything you watch and upscales it to near 4K HDR quality.45


Experience unbelievable contrast


True reality comes to life with deep black and natural color. Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the Picture Processor X1™ Extreme processor. Sony's 4K OLED TV creates exquisite, unprecedented contrast.


Sound-from-Picture Reality™


Unlike most TV speakers, sound comes to you from the entire screen, immersing you in exciting new entertainment experiences. It's picture and sound in perfect harmony. 



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